Devoted Dog Runs Over A Mile Alongside Police Car After Homeless Owner Arrested


Pets provide a deep comfort for millions of homeless people worldwide. Every homeless person has their own unique story and many of them have a pet for comfort, loyalty, security, and warmth. A homeless man’s dog from Brazil recently proved his loyalty after his owner was arrested.

After Brazilian police arrested the man and put him in their police car, the pooch ran next to the vehicle for more than a mile. Onlookers watched as the devoted dog raced to keep pace with his owner in the car.

Since the pup showed no signs of slowing down, police officers decided to stop their vehicle and let the dog be with his owner.

As the female officer opens the back of the car and unlocks the security gate, the pup’s owner calls out for his beloved pet. Officers point to the man and allow the dog to jump up and join his owner.

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