Dog Found Buried Alive on Beach, Missing 90 Percent of Her Fur

This dog survived being buried alive! Yes, someone buried this dog alive on a beach in Hawaii. This is almost impossible for me to wrap my mind around. At least this story has a happy ending.

Animal rescuers at PAWS of Hawaii saved this badly injured dog and discovered that over 90 percent of her fur was missing. She has a foster family that took her in and the video below is of Leialoha, slowly recovering.

The original post which we included below says this poor dog was buried by someone that also had a machete on their person so I’m afraid to think of what might have happened to her.

There is a link on their Facebook page where you can donate (there is an update that says they raised enough money but let’s donate anyway since they likely could use additional funds for others animals like this dog) to her medical care.

What she needs now is a forever home! Sounds like there may be interest already from a local family. Apply anyway! Please watch this wonderful video the rescue group posted.

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