Mommy Brings Home Baby From Hospital. How Her Dog Reacts To This? JUST PRECIOUS

One of the biggest first-time parental concerns is how their pet will react when they bring home the baby. Will it greet the baby with love and kisses or will it view it as a threat to it getting all of the previous attention. If dogs could understand humans, it would know its time would shrink as soon as it heard: “Honey, I’m going into labor!”

This video though, is the antidote to those worries. It shows a baby and its doggie, a Great Dane /Mastiff mix fast asleep next to each other. For added cuteness factor, their heads are touching each other. The baby is oblivious to the fact that the dog seems to be dreaming, its legs are kicking. They make perfect naptime companions.

I’d say that 99% of these scenarios all work out. The pet welcomes the addition to the family with open paws. There may be a slight transition period (I’m sorry to use that word in the middle of this whole Trump debacle), but everyone adapts, one way of another. Before everyone knows it, things are running at close to normal. This dog could make naptime REALLY easy for Mommy. “Hey sweetie… want to nap with the dogg–” “Zzzzzzzzzzzz.” Parents, especially first-time ones look for ANY lifeline during the first few months.

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