Sassy Obese Cat Doesn’t Hesitate To Complain During Physical Therapy

When pets become obese, it’s their caretaker’s responsibility to help them achieve a healthy weight. After all, more often than not, the weight gain is usually the result of what the owner is feeding their four-legged best friend.

Unfortunately, though, many of the tubby cats and dogs do not enjoy the exercise and diet required to lose the weight (which is something most humans could definitely relate to). When a large cat named Cinder-Block needed to shed some weight, her owner knew she needed some serious physical therapy…

…and Cinder-Block did not hesitate to voice her displeasure.

Source: Viral Hog / YouTube

While the aquatic treadmill was running, Cinder-Block sat in the corner and let one paw drag on the track…and hilariously complained with a few loud cries.

Although she looks quite grumpy, C-B is a loving little chonk — she just needs to lose some pounds!

“Extremely affectionate, she purrs whenever you talk to her, she’s very sweet,” said the medical director of Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington.

Source: Viral Hog / YouTube

Previously, the cat’s name was just Cinder, but the staff at the vet’s office added “-Block” since she was so hefty. When her owners handed her over to the vet because of health and hygiene issues (mainly due to her obesity), they couldn’t help but fall in love with the tubby kitty.

Cinder-Block’s previous owner was unable to care for her properly due to illness in the family, so they were sad to part from her — but at least Cinder will have a chance to lose some weight and get back on track!

Source: Viral Hog / YouTube

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