Unhealthy Homeless Dog Closed His Eyes, Knowing He Was Finally Safe For First Time


A homeless dog whose health was deteriorating was reported to be wandering back and forth the United States and Mexico border. The man who alerted Hope For Paws about the sick animal told them how the stray made friends with his dog and stuck around so he would often give him food and water whenever he was feeding his dog.

However, he was aware that the poor dog was in need of much more than food.

Luckily, the animal was friendly and it didn’t take much time before he got comfortable enough to approach the rescuers.

Pax, that’s how they named it, had no idea that those people were there to change his life.

Suffering from different conditions, Pax was brought to the animal hospital. He had eye and ear infections, his skin was sour because of the numerous open wounds, and he had mange.

He was very cooperative and enjoyed the bath he was given probably for the first time in his entire life.

Pax got his happy ending after The Forgotten Dog Foundation found him a forever home with people who love having him around.

The transformation of Pax was documented in the video below and it reminds us that everyone can shine if given the chance.

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