Woman Tortured and Disfigured Her Puppy For Weeks to ‘Keep Her Quiet’

A woman named Alexis Callen of Murray, Utah, who wasn’t supposed to be allowed to be a dog owner in the first place, did something unimaginable to her Labrador-German Shepherd mix named Shadow.

Apparently, this cruel owner had no idea how to calm the dog down when she would bark, so she tied a hair tie on her muzzle and left it there for so long that is caused the pup’s face to be completely disfigured and severely injured.

People learned of the torture the dog was going through after Callen herself posted on her Facebook page asking people to take Shadow because she ‘got hurt badly’ and Murray didn’t have the money to take her to the vet’s.

Of course, those who have seen the post were aware the injuries were done on purpose. A woman named Caylla Facemyer who stumbled upon the photo offered to take Shadow. Once she realized the severity of the dog’s situation, she called the authorities.

Callen was questioned by the police during which she claimed how the hair tie was on Shadow for 48 hours only, but vets said her muzzle was tied for at least two weeks, probably more.

Luckily, Shadow is now in the safe hands of the woman who rescued her and is now fostering her. The treatments the dog had to go through were covered by The Celestial Zoo Pet Rescue. Although Shadow is feeling better, she still has difficulties eating and drinking because she’s left with a hole in one of her cheeks.

In order for her to heal completely, she has to undergo a constructive surgery.

Seeing an innocent animal being tortured this way breaks our hearts. However, we are happy Shadow got a chance for a better life.

As for her former owner, she was charged with animal abuse and cruelty and we honestly hope she will serve prison time for what she did to poor Shadow.

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